Stunning beaded jewellery made by our talented artisan, Rosa Queragama⁠, especially for you. These incredible, colourful and extra-light earrings and necklaces are a unique addition to any outfit. 


The beauty of working directly with Rosa means that we can take bespoke orders, unique designs just for you. So if you have a design in mind for a special occasion or to compliment a particular outfit, let's chat!⁠


This jewellery is made using the unique beading skills of the Embera Chami indigenous people, passed down from generation to generation.⁠ Rosa's family were displaced by the internal violence and now live in Bogota. Your purchase allows them to work in the only trade they know, and continue to proudly pass on these ancestral techniques and traditions to their kids.

Beaded earrings threader blue -...
Beaded earrings red & orange...
Beaded earrings round - Mostacilla
Beaded earrings blue-yellow - Mostacilla
Beaded earrings Lila - Mostacilla
Beaded earrings threader - Mostacilla
Bead Woven Brooch Blue Heart
Beaded necklace flower red &...
$130.00 $78.00
Beaded necklace black red -...
$150.00 $90.00
Beaded earrings flower - Mostacilla
Bead Woven Bracelet Set D...
Bead Woven Bracelet Set C...
Bead Woven Bracelet Set A...
Starting at $50.00
Bead Woven Bracelet Set B...
Beaded necklace green vino -...
$110.00 $78.00