At Casa Bonita Lifestyle we can offer a wide range of gifts that you can personalize with your logo or any special touch.

Printed logos, embroidered hat straps or customised pins are just some options. 

We would love to have a session of creativity with you. 

Our artisan partners would love to craft your corporate gifts!

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Authentic Super Fino Panamá Hat...
Wayúu Mochilas - Crossbody bag...
$88.00 Sold out
Andean doll pens
Wayuu Mochila Design Crochet Crossbody...
$110.00 Sold out
Mini Panama cap
Terracotta cylinder - pot plant...
Starting at $20.00Sold out
Chamba Black Clay Flat Tray...
Wayuu crochet pouch crochet large...
$35.00 Sold out
Wayuu crochet pouch small crochet...
$25.00 Sold out
Wayuu Wool Headbands
Handwoven Shopping Mini Basket Rainbow...
$105.00 Sold out
Iraca Straw Shopping Basket
$115.00 Sold out
Handwoven Shopping Mini Basket Natural...
Iraca Straw Shopping Basket Orange...
Iraca Straw Shopping Basket Mustard...
$130.00 $115.00 Sold out