Casa Bonita Lifestyle is a social enterprise ethically empowering women and communities. We help provide financial security to artisans and Indigenous communities 95% of whom are women, most are mothers and sole parents.

In acquiring one of our uniquely created products, you are not making a donation to a worker, you are empowering that worker, enabling achievement; encouraging and nurturing the creator of that work to produce more beautiful, traditionally crafted objects. The extended effect is that these workers can inspire their young adult and teenage children to engage in these traditional crafts and find a secure working future. Tragically, often the alternative livelihood may involve drug dealing.


We pay the workers, the artisans, the price the artisan sets, the market price or higher.

The artisans run their own independent businesses. 


Why do we do it? 

This business is inspired by a strong desire to give back to our Colombian heritage. We know and understand the challenges our artisans face, particularly those who are women.

Colombian government support is extremely limited or non-existent. A Colombian cannot rely on a benefit or pension to have the necessities of life. She knows she must work to make a living and to save what little she can... 


How do we do it?

We are experienced in eCommerce and distribution in Australia, and passionate in contributing to positive social impact in Colombia.


We empower women by providing financial security. Purchasing their products above market price on a consistent basis means they have a steady, reliable income, reducing stress, enabling them to plan and to buy food and other necessities, and to educate their children.

  • We create opportunities for YOU to impact artisans’ families!
  • We aspire to promote positive Colombian culture and to move away from associations with the cruel 1980’s in particular.
  • We want to give back to our heritage by opening new markets internationally, to improve Colombian living conditions.

You will be immersed in a cultural trip to Colombia where you will meet our artisan partners from all around Colombia



We bring sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free homewares and fashion to you; good for our Earth and good for your heart!



 We promote our Colombian culture by sharing history and real facts about our Indigenous and ancestral heritage. Sadly, we spread awareness of the current vulnerable conditions of some communities and Indigenous people.

We respect our Pachamama, our Indigenous traditions and their ethnicity.

We work together with our artisan partners to preserve our HERITAGE for future generations.

We respect and acknowledge the work involved in all our handicrafts and the effort that our artisans put into running their family businesses.



If you’d like to take a step further towards ethically empowering women and communities, there are many ways to do so! For example, hosting a gathering with friends or a pop-up display at your workplace. Please get in touch!

Our Colombian ancestors taught us that 'Work is a blessing'. Now we have the opportunity to provide work for vulnerable communities so these people can make a decent living.

Our incredible handwoven rings are the symbol of our artisans TALENT, STRENGTH and HARD WORK. #empower_ring_forfinancialfreedom .


Casa Bonita is about love, family, and giving back to our heritage.

At Casa Bonita we teach our children that work can be fun and rewarding, and that small choices can change the world for the better!


TOGETHER WE CAN create a permanent, positive impact for our artisans!

Casa Bonita Lifestyle... with Colombian Flair!

 'Casa Bonita & Hola Bonita to me are love, respect, gratitude, compassion, family and all the strong values that my Andes heritage taught me in their very humble ways. This is my way to give back and pass on my traditions to my daughters and future generations.

Although we are so far away from our roots, small decisions can create great impact to families in Colombia!'

Liliana Bravo

Andes Folklore/ Colours/ Boho Style Fanatic!

Founder & Director