Casa Bonita Lifestyle is a social enterprise ethically empowering women and communities both overseas and here in Australia.


In Latin America...

We help provide financial security to artisans and Indigenous communities, 95% of whom are women, mostly mothers and sole parents.

The artisans run their own independent businesses. They set the prices we pay them, which is at least market price, sometimes more.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Your purchase ensures these indigenous ancestral techniques and traditions are preserved and proudly passed on to the next generation.


In Australia…

From marketing to accounting, inventory to shipping, events to retail… however you interact with Casa Bonita, chances are you’ll be dealing with one of our wonderful volunteers. Our Collaboration Program helps local migrant women entrepreneurs to learn, grow and gain confidence by immersing them in all aspects of business. This successful program has already led to some women starting their own local businesses.

Our pop up Migrants Market provides opportunities for our customers to access and support other small businesses run by local migrants from around the world. 



Supporting Casa Bonita gives you...

  • Power to positively impact the lives of 100’s of indigenous communities in Latin America ⁠
  • Peace of mind that artisans are paid more than a fair price for their products⁠
  • Insight into our culture and how we are continuously working to keep traditions alive⁠
  • Knowledge that all our products are ethical, sustainable and cruelty free
  • Good karma for supporting women both here in Australia and overseas⁠

...and a colourful, unique and authentic experience when you visit our shop in Seddon!



We respect our Pachamama, our Indigenous traditions and their ethnicity.

We work together with our artisan partners to preserve our traditions and heritage for future generations.

We respect and acknowledge the work involved in all our handicrafts and the effort that our artisans put into running their family businesses.


“Casa Bonita to me is love, respect, gratitude, compassion, family and all the strong values that my Andes heritage taught me in their humble ways. Small decisions can create great advantages for families in Latin America and here in Australia - together we can create a permanent, positive impact. This is my way to give back and pass on our traditions to future generations.”


Liliana Bravo

Founder & Director