Finished products

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Minimum order

$350 of stock on hand available

$500 AUD on pre-orders



• Buyer chooses one of our products 
• Casa Bonita offers 1h free consultation 
• Casa Bonita gets costs directly from artisans, time frame and provides a quote. We can provide FCA and DDP costs. 
• Quote is approved by the buyer. A prototype is suggested to confirm the final product and colour tones. This is paid by the buyer.
• Buyer pays 50% of total order, this is paid to artisans immediately after an order is placed so they can buy materials and cover production costs
• Full price is paid once production is finalised, before despatch from Colombia
• Shipping & delivery to final destination. 

Pre-orders requirements 

We respect and encourage our artisan partners traditional business model. They create one of a kind pieces and usually have it in stock, this is the ideal way of trading for them and the reason why we have a huge range of one of a kind stock exclusive in-store. 

New designs: customizations are possible providing a final sketch of the product, measurements and the colours required. The price may increase as this requires more direction for the artisans to make it.

Iraca straw baskets are made around a wooden mold, ideally we use the mold sizes available.

Fique agave rugs are made in the indigenous loom which is only 1mt wide. Wider rugs can be assembled by stitching the pieces together

MOQ: 3 units of the same product and colour tones

Production Turnaround Time
Our handmade and delicately crafted products will take an average of 8 weeks since the order is placed.
Our artisan partners may have some finished products in stock which may contribute to orders being fulfilled sooner. 
We will always communicate all the options available


Australia and Asia: Drop shipments (Origin Colombia) are Free shipping. Shipping applies to shipments despatch from Melbourne. 

USA, Europe and the rest of the world: orders will be drop shipped directly from the origin in Colombia. 

UPS Colombia Alliance: Courier / Door to door/ air freight 10 days transit max for drop shipments.  


Customer Service 

Casa Bonita Wholesale will be available Monday to Friday during business hours for customer care and feedback!

Refunds Policy
Two weeks for exchanges only unless the product is damaged

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