Casa Bonita is an innovative Colombian-Australian social enterprise that empowers Latin American, migrant and local women to achieve financial independence, create thriving businesses and feel more connected to culture and community.


Casa Bonita aligns its practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is involved with 6 of these goals:

1. No Poverty

2. Gender Equality

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

10. Reduced Inequalities

12. Responsible Production

17. Partnerships for the Goals


Casa Bonita sources and delivers products and services that create social, cultural and economic impact for women in South America and Australia through three strategies:


Artisan and Indigenous Made Products

To trade sustainable handmade products from South American Artisans and Indigenous women-led businesses


Socially Conscious Events

To connect migrant women with the local community by celebrate culture, diversity and women empowerment


Business Coaching Programs

To inspire refugee and migrant women, micro and small businesses to create more social enterprises.
Also to mentor and economically empower Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women by facilitating the learning of business skills, practice, networking and strategies to access the retail and wholesale sector and achieve financial security. 


Casa Bonita invites you to implement progressive and sustainable practices in your business and organization. 

Visit our PORTFOLIO to choose a sustainable package. 


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