Casa Bonita means Beautiful Home

Beauty from Colombian Artisans hands to the heart of your Home


Casa Bonita is an independent and innovative Australian social enterprise, self funded by ethical and sustainable business practices of sourcing and delivering:


Artisan and Indigenous Made Products
Socially Conscious Events
Business Coaching Programs


Our Collection 

Our consciously curated wholesale collection is artisanally handcrafted using traditional techniques and native South American materials

Our contemporary designs celebrate organic textures and natural tones to create unique Artisan pieces for a modern luxe aesthetic

Our collection includes Fashion, Homewares and Celebration Décor


Our Artisans

Our Colombian Artisan partners are highly skilled craftspeople, who have learned their skills and techniques at home from their family traditions

Most Artisans have had little education, which results in limited employment opportunities

However, they proudly operate their traditional handcrafted businesses to create an income stream to support their families


Our Commitment

The Casa Bonita collection is built upon a foundation of ethical and sustainable practices, quality handcrafted products and respect for the Artisans and Indigenous women and their cultural identity

We are committed to our progressive partnerships with 250+ South American Artisans and Indigenous women, our customers, community and the environment


Your Impact

Your purchase from Casa Bonita:

  • provides financial security to artisans and Indigenous tribes and their families
  • empowers women’s economical independence 
  • evokes self value and quality of life for the artisans 
  • creates legitimate employment opportunities for their communities 
  • supports environmentally friendly business practices
  • encourages creativity, and a sense of personal and group pride 
  • acknowledges cultural identity and traditions 
  • preserves and shares ancestral and Indigenous techniques for future generations 


Our Founder 

Liliana Bravo founded Casa Bonita in 2019

She is a Colombian born migrant women and lives in Melbourne with her family

Casa Bonita is a reflection of her heart and her passion for empowering South American women 

This devotion inspired her to open several pop ups and retail outlets in order to support Artisans and Indigenous women-led businesses, by selling their products to empower them and improve their quality of life 

The Casa Bonita team is proud to have evolved into Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Managers who connect businesses with socially conscious events and business coaching programs to empower Latin American, migrant and local women to achieve financial independence, create thriving businesses and feel more connected to culture and community


Learn more about Sustainability Hub, events and programs here 

Keep connected with Liliana via Linkedin 

 Liliana Bravo founder of Casa Bonita Social Enterprise leader in sustainable development


Our Story 

Liliana Bravo 

Founder of Casa Bonita's Social Enterprise and Empowerment Hub

Social Leader and Entrepreneur

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing and Delivering Artisan wholesale products, socially conscious events and business coaching programs

Multicultural Excellence in Business Award 2021 Recipient

Maribyrnong City Council Business Awards 2022 Nominee


As a Colombian Australian, Liliana is an authentic and powerful voice for the Latin American and migrant women in Australia. She has designed and delivered recognised and innovative events and programs that have created cultural, social and economic impact. 


Liliana founded and self funded the Casa Bonita Empowerment Hub in Seddon in 2020. 

This was a multicultural retail shop, showcasing authentic Artisan products and the most unique empowerment hub in the inner west of Melbourne, where the local community learned about culture and the impact that a purchase can create for a migrant woman's life. 


Liliana developed an award winning and innovative business model which economically empowers more than 250 Artisan led businesses in South America and local migrant women's microbusinesses to access the retail sector. 


As a social entrepreneur, Liliana has created alliances, events, programs and procedures to break down barriers for Latin American and migrant women to access commercial opportunities to achieve financial independence through their thriving businesses. 


Liliana’s community engagement skills have allowed her to effectively collaborate with both the private and public sectors to coordinate medium to large events and business coaching programs. This has resulted in fostering women’s empowerment, social cohesion, cultural diversity, sense of belonging, and inclusion for Latin American, migrant and local Australian women. 


It was a major achievement that Liliana launched this Cultural and Empowerment Hub just as Covid restrictions were starting. Within three years she managed to achieve 29 events bringing together and impacting 1,030 attendees plus a business program to economically empower 100+ local migrant women. 


Core to the design and implementation of these events and programs, it encompassed frameworks that removed barriers for migrant Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women and communities to participate. This included women from Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, Somalia, Australia and the UK. 


The events and programs proved to be highly successful with participants meeting their new business partners and establishing three new retail businesses, after attending a Casa Bonita event or program. 

This progressive and inclusive approach, fills a gap in the retail landscape for local migrant women. This business model was a first, unique and it integrated participants and communities by nurturing and celebrating all heritages and culture.  


Socially Conscious Events 


Business Coaching Programs 



The Good People Podcast 18 May 2023 
Having experienced first hand the challenges faced by Culturally And Linguistically Diverse women (CALD), Liliana has now made it her mission to help other migrant women to become successful in business, creating an empowerment hub, and running educational courses and training, plus retail and wholesale channels for them to sell their craft and creations. 


2021 Multicultural Awards for Excellence recipients December 2021 


SBS Interview 18 April 2021
Migrant businesswomen are showcasing their talents at a unique Melbourne enterprise Despite their talents and skills, many migrant and refugee women encounter barriers to entrepreneurship when they come to Australia. But efforts are underway to level the playing field.
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