Casa Bonita Lifestyle has established an inclusive and innovative business model to empower Latin American and other migrant women to set up their own businesses by offering a range of tailor-made programs to support them. The retail arm of Casa Bonita entails sourcing ethical and sustainably produced crafts from Indigenous communities in Colombia and Ecuador and selling them in the shop. 

Casa Bonita is an important educative and artistic space for members of Melbourne’s west to come together in meaningful ways. Significant cultural events are celebrated and offer a bridge between newly arrived migrants and those who are more established in our community.

These cross-cultural exchanges play an important role in fostering understanding and respect between different multicultural communities. They also provide networking opportunities for migrant women in a culturally safe space.

Casa Bonita has an established community of 200 artisans in Colombia and Ecuador as well as a large following of 5,000 people who are reached via social media.



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