Liliana Bravo Quiroz


Liliana Bravo Quiroz is an infectiously enthusiastic Social Entrepreneur with a mission to empower women and communities in Colombia, Australia and further afield. 

Liliana left her native Colombia for the safety of Australia to learn English, but soon extended her studies to complete a double masters in Business and Commerce and made Australia her home.

Both in her corporate publishing career and during the little spare time she had with a young family, Liliana took every opportunity to learn and grow. With a business model focused on positive impact to Colombian artisans and their communities, Liliana realised her dream of introducing the beautiful crafts and vibrant culture of her native Andes heritage to the rest of the world. 

The Casa Bonita Cultural and Empowerment Hub is a joyful showcase for these crafts and a space for people to engage with Latin American culture. Here, other migrant women are invited to share their own culture and stories with the local community; preserving traditions, connections and cultural pride for future generations.

Liliana continues her mission to give back by using her expertise in supply chain logistics to collaborate with and support migrant women in Australia to realise their own business dreams.

Shop and support

80 Charles st, Seddon VIC 3011


Events, programs and opportunities for migrant women in business


In commemoration of IWD 2021 I had the opportunity to have a few interviews that I would love to share with you. Here, I share more about the impact that our retail shop is creating in Melbourne but I also wanted to open up about personal challenges as I know other migrant women may face as well, specially Colombians affected by the internal war of our country.