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Do you love our Colombian handicrafts and would like to have the real experience to meet them and support them personally? 

We can’t recommend enough the two biggest yearly events where you will meet the most skilled artisans from Colombia.

EXPOARTESANO in Medellin April –May
EXPOARTESANIAS in Bogota early December

We are planning our next trip to Colombia to Expoartesano 2020 so get in touch if you want to join us! 

You will have the opportunity to see the best representation from every region of Colombia. Indigenous, traditional and contemporary, ancestral and fusion techniques, you will be amazed every step of the show. Be prepared to find the latest trends in design and quality in one place!

Artesanias de Colombia, a private-government institution has worked with indigenous and communities for more than 50 years to increase the participation of artisans in the national productive sector, achieving a comprehensive sustained development that manifests itself in improving the standard of living, reflected both an increased rate of income and opportunities for social participation, and more productivity and positioning of craftsmanship in local, regional, national and international markets."

Consider manufacturing in Colombia - This is a very good article from BizLatinHub!

With a GPD of over USD $34 million in 2017 and a share of 12% of total GDP, the manufacturing industry was the third most representative of productive activity in the Colombian economy according to DANE. The main sub-sectors in manufacturing are cosmetics and toiletries, aerospace and fashion system. Textile-apparel manufacturing is one of the country’s main industries.

Government entities are focusing their efforts towards creating new sources of growth through the development of non-traditional sectors, such as the creative industries, tourism, textiles, and handicrafts and design.

There are great opportunities in Colombia’s textile industries. For instance, Colombia is recognized in the region for its top-notch quality products, highly qualified workmanship, and innovative designs. With the country’s network of trade agreements and strategic locations, manufacturing businesses are treated to an ideal export platform.

Opportunities within opportunities

There is increasing consumer interest in and awareness of Colombia’s sustainable, ethical, and environmentally sound processing methods in the textile and fashion value chain. The fashion industry is steadily growing due to different factors such as the influence of social media and networks.

The world is looking for alternatives regarding sustainable textiles and fibers, and some companies are already using banana fiber, orange peel, and pineapple plants as substitutes. Colombia is the fifth largest producer of banana fiber. Organic textiles can be Colombia’s textile manufacturers newest venture.

When the time comes to diversify your business portfolio, look no further, Colombia is an all-in-one destination. Consider what Colombia’s main industries have to offer, and identify the gaps in those industries that offer opportunities for investors.

Interested in the Colombia market? 

It is clear that Colombia provides ample opportunities for foreign investors and entrepreneurial activity with its attractive sectors only expanding and multiplying as the economy continues to grow. Colombia offers a safe and sustainable environment, with low corporate tax, worldwide free trade deals, and political stability for foreign investors that are looking for new opportunities abroad.

Anyone looking to do business in Colombia is advised to get local corporate support to start your business in Colombia. Biz Latin Hub offers local experience and a global perspective. Reach out to our team in Colombia, we are happy to help you with your new business venture.